How The Pandemic Has Affected Boat Purchasing And The Boating Industry for 2021

The unprecedented changes to the lives of people all over the world brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have been monumental. Companies of all shapes and sizes were required to shut down for a period of time including a wide variety of companies involved in boat manufacturing. Here at Portage Lakes Marine in Akron, Ohio we have keenly felt the effects of the pandemic in many ways and have witnessed first hand how the boating industry has been challenged. The landscape for purchasing a boat has drastically changed, and the team here at Portage Lakes Marine is here to help guide customers on what their best options will be to get out on the water in 2021.

Boating Manufacturing Restrictions Have Severely Limited New Boat Production and Inventories

In the past, if you were shopping for a new boat you had many options and could take your time in finding that perfect fit. Limited new boat availability is the 2021 result of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. If you find a boat for sale that you like, do not hesitate to purchase. Boats are selling quickly, and supply cannot keep up with demand.

Used Boats Can Be An Option

With new boat inventory in short supply, a quality used boat is a viable option to get you on the water. However, used boats are a hot commodity and selling at a premium, so do not wait too long to make a purchase. If you find a boat you like, be prepared to pay a little more for the boat due to supply and demand.

We have several excellent newly used packages with modern features. These boats are great alternatives to new boats with great cost savings. Call or email us today to find out what we have in stock!

Boat Restoration & Refurbishing

If you have an existing boat, consider a boat makeover! Our boat restoration and refurbishing services can make that old boat feel like new again. There are a variety of restoration options that you can think about when considering your existing boat, such as:

  • Fiberglass buffing and polishing
  • New custom upholstery, flooring, and coloring
  • Re-Power with newer, more powerful, and efficient marine engines
  • New decks
  • Custom tops

Getting more life out of your existing boat is a good option to consider until the industry recovers from the production delays brought on by the pandemic.

Contact the experts at Portage Lakes Marine to discuss all of your options for your 2021 boating plans, we will collaborate with you to find the best solutions to get you on the water!

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