Why You Should Consider Restoration And Refurbishing For Your Boat

With the continuing effects of COVID-19 quarantines and lock-downs on the boating industry, new boat inventory is still limited. If you have an existing boat, a great option to consider is boat restoration and refurbishing. The team at Portage Lakes Marine are experts when it comes to “boat makeovers” and we can make your old boat feel like new again, often at a fraction of the cost of a new boat.

As we continue to deal with pandemic restrictions, we are finding that customers and their families are using their boats much more and are willing to invest in boat restoration and refurbishing services to make the most out of what they have with their boat. With travel restrictions still in place, boating activities have become the family vacation.

Restoration And Refurbishing Options For Your Used Boat

Often customers ask us “What can be done with my existing boat?” and the answer is, almost anything! Some typical upgrades that we perform on used boats would be:

  • Fiberglass buffing and polishing
  • Bluetooth Stereo upgrades and other new accessories
  • New custom upholstery, flooring, and coloring
  • Seat replacement or recovering
  • Covers and custom tops
  • Re-power with newer, more powerful, and efficient marine engines

A boat restoration is similar to remodeling your house. You can visit us here at Portage Lakes Marine in Akron, Ohio and pick out colors, flooring options, and all the other available options for your boat. It is a fun experience!

Portage Lakes Marine, Your #1 Choice For Boat Restoration and Refurbishing

Our team here at Portage Lakes Marine is your ideal choice for turning your older boat into something you are proud of, and for which you will get many more years of enjoyment. We have many years of experience in boat restorations and quite simply, we are really good at it! Our service manager is a trained boating technician with over 40 years of experience and oversees each of our restoration projects. Our team has super attention to detail, and we take great care in the materials that we use in our restorations. We remove everything related to the restoration we are working on, and never cut corners.

If you are planning to keep your boat, our restoration and refurbishing services dramatically improve the resale value of your boat.

Boat restorations and refurbishing can be scheduled all year and we have seasonal storage plans available for off season restoration!

Give us a call today at 330-644-5020 to start a conversation about a makeover for your boat!

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